Curricula failing students, the NSC has lowered the standard of school maths, says study

"A pass of between 60% and 70% in the new curriculum in 2009 was approximately equal to a 50% pass at higher grade level before 2008." - National Advisory Council on Innovation -- which advises the Cabinet. Click here to read more

The Schooling System Is Still Squandering the Maths and Science Potential of Many Thousands of Pupils

The bottom 75% of schools produced only 17% of mathematics passes, whereas the top 6.6% of schools produced 50%. Even more unequally, the bottom 75% of schools accounted for 13% of science passes, while the top 5.5% of schools produced 50%. Click here to read more

Strong Medicine For Education System In Denial

OBE is a failure, but how do we put things right?
" Rote learning has been unjustifiably condemned. Proper recognition must be given to, and opportunities provided for rote learning - multiplication tables, poetry, spelling, memory development and training." Click here to read more

No Time To Fiddle As Education System Is Burning

It is enormously gratifying to educators that we finally have the beginning of a
serious national debate about education in South Africa ..................

Peter Kallaway - Emeritus Professor of Education, UWC - Research Associate, UCT
Former advisor of the MEC for Education in the Western Cape Click here to read more

Accessibility Of Maths Education In SA

Paper delivered at The 3rd Annual Education Conference In South Africa
Precisely what are we referring to when we speak of ACCESSIBILITY? The key question is, are we preparing our learners sufficiently so that they can access Maths at the required level of proficiency when they enter universities? Click here to read more

OBE education system produces confident illiterates

New findings show schools are turning out millions of illiterate and innumerate teenagers, and point the finger at the education system Click here to read more

SA Gets Dumb And Dumber

"Varsity students can't read" Click here to read more

Varsity Students Lack Essential Skills

The final pilot phase of the NBTP is a damning indictment of the implementation of OBE and raises questions about the validity of National Senior Certificate (NSC) results. Click here to read more

Widening Gap Between School and Tertiary Level

Is the National Senior Certificate still an indicator of potential success at university ? Click here to read more

Wits 1st-year Pass-Rate For Maths Dropped By 37% !

'Inflated matric results' created unjustified expectations Click here to read more

Analysis of 2008 Grade 12 Results

No real improvement in Mathematics education in South Africa Our letter to the National Department of Education: Click here to read more

Report of Panel of Maths Experts

Report of the Ministerial Panel established to review the Grade 12 NSC Mathematics Examination Papers of Nov '08. Click here to read more

CME's Response to the Media Statement by the Ministry of Education

Maths papers were indeed watered down ! Click here to read more

Our Gratitude To FHSST And The Shuttleworth Foundation

FHSST in partnership with The Shuttleworth Foundation has made online Grade 10, 11 & 12 Maths textbooks freely available to all South African learners. These textbooks are based on the new FET curriculum preparing learners for the new National Senior Certificate. Click here to read more


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